IP, GPRS and GSM Alarm Transmitters

BoldNet IP

The BoldNet IP single path alarm transmitter provides an inexpensive and reliable alternative to PSTN based digital communicators. With extended signalling format, high frequency line polling, full AES encryption and low cost, improved security is delivered at the same time as substantial savings.

  • Polled connection
  • Fast format and Contact ID
  • Dialler and input versions
  • Low power consumption (160mA)
  • Use existing IP network or ADSL broadband
  • No recurring hosting charges
  • Transmit to 2 alarm receiving centres
  • Easy to install and operate
Sending data in packets means the line capacity is greatly increased, offering a quicker and more efficient signalling solution. PSTN lines are less efficient, relying on setting up the call before signals can be transmitted, losing valuable time.

The BoldNet transmitter is compact, easy to fit and can be used with any standard alarm panel. Its packed full of features including dial capture and expander board.


The BoldNET IP/GPRS/GSM transmitter supports three communications paths for a high security signalling solution. The IP/GPRS/GSM unit offers all the functionality of the above, including dial capture or pin outputs, plus backup signalling over the GPRS/GSM Network.

BoldNet IP/GPRS can work over any 2G/GPRS network with any network provider. The device is installed across a number of sectors including government, local authority, rail operators and universities. BoldNet IP complies with EN501311, Environmental Class II, up to Grade 3.

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GSM Pager Plus 6 input Alarm Transmitter

The GSM Pager Plus is an alarm transmitter which communicates over the GSM Network. The product uses a standard voice SIM card from any mobile network operator and is useful where hard-wired phone lines are not available, or as a back up to a primary phone line.

Reporting to the ARC in Contact ID format, the Pager Plus can also send SMS alerts to up to 4 phone numbers. The unit offers 6 hard-wired inputs, 1 relay output, programmable test signals and is simple to program via USB with the supplied software.

The Pager Plus transmitter can be used with any industry standard alarm panel, making it invaluable for signalling alarms where a line is not available, or for monitoring other remote signals, for example, environmental or plant monitoring.

GSM LineGuard Alarm Transmitter

The Bold Line Guard is a simple, easy-to-use communications device that can provide GSM back-up alarm signalling for existing digital communicators. The LineGuard is the most cost-effective way of transforming existing digi-diallers into dual-path signalling devices.

In the event of a communications failure, the LineGuard sends a comms fail message to up to two mobile phones perfect for alerting the security or facilities manager to the problem. The LineGuard then ensures any further activations are transmitted using Contact ID or Fast Format to an alarm receiver in an ARC.

For example, if an intruder cuts the analogue telephone line, the LineGuard will signal the Intruder Alarm to the monitoring centre over the GSM network. The Pager uses a standard voice SIM card from any mobile network operator and with a minimal talk time tariff, provides a cost-effective dual-signalling solution.

With very minimal installation required, and full programming software provided, the LineGuard really is the easiest way to achieve dual-path signalling.

GSM Compact Transmitter

The GSM Compact is a low cost, entry level GSM alarm transmitter. Simple to program and install, the device is suitable for any wireless signalling application. Supporting central station alarm signalling and SMS with 2 inputs and 1 relay output, the Compact is a breakthrough in professional alarm signalling.

  • 2 inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • Contact ID and SMS signalling
  • Programmable via DTMF

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