GSM Transmitters

GSM Pager+ Alarm Transmitter
GSM Pager+

The Pager+ is an alarm transmitter which communicates over the GSM network. The Pager uses a standard voice SIM card from any mobile network operator. It is most useful where hard-wired phone lines are not available or practical.

Reporting to the central station in Contact ID format, the Pager+ can also send SMS texts to up to four phone numbers. The unit offers 6 hard-wired inputs, 1 relay output, programmable test signals and is simple to program via USB with the supplied software.

The Pager+ interfaces with any industry-standard alarm panel, making it useful for signalling traditional alarms where a phone line is not available, or for monitoring other remote signals, for example environmental or plant monitoring.

GSM LineGuard Alarm Transmitter

The Bold Line Guard is a simple, easy-to-use communications device that can provide GSM back-up alarm signalling for existing digital communicators.

The LineGuard is the most cost-effective way of transforming existing digi-diallers into dual-path signalling devices.

In the event of a communications failure, the LineGuard sends a comms fail message to up to two mobile phones perfect for alerting the security or facilities manager to the problem.

The LineGuard then ensures any further activations are transmitted using Contact ID or Fast Format to an alarm receiver in an ARC.

For example, if an intruder cuts the analogue telephone line, the LineGuard will signal the Intruder Alarm to the monitoring centre over the GSM network. The Pager uses a standard voice SIM card from any mobile network operator and with a minimal talk time tariff, provides a cost-effective dual-signalling solution.

With very minimal installation required, and full programming software provided, the LineGuard really is the easiest way to achieve dual-path signalling.

GSM Compact

Brand new and already very popular, the Compact is amazing value. Simple to program and install, the device is suitable for any wireless signalling application. Supporting central station alarm signalling and SMS with 2 inputs and 1 relay output, the Compact is a breakthrough in professional alarm signalling.

  • 2 inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • Contact ID and SMS signalling
  • Programmable via DTMF

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