BOLDNET IP & 3G/GPRS Alarm Communications

Alarm signalling over conventional phone lines is becoming increasingly unreliable because of low cost phone routing and signalling over VOIP networks. At the same time, lines are becoming more expensive, costing money even when not in use, and there is no certainty that they will be available when you need them.    
The IP Network offers a fixed infrastructure cost within which you can transmit as much data as the network is able to support. And it will tell you almost immediately if there is a problem with the connection.  BoldNet IP is used by major UK organisations for reliable alarm signalling protection.

ScotRail Case Study

The BoldNet signalling solution offers you all the advantages of using your IP connection and the mobile data network –

►   Fully monitored connection

►   Fast Format and Contact ID signalling

►  Polled 3G/GPRS option

►  Unaffected by update, changes and general disruption to the telecoms network

►  Compact size and low power consumption

►  Use existing IP network or ADSL broadband

►  No recurring managed network charges

►  Multiple signalling path

►  Easy to install and operate

Andy Kinloch, ScotRail Project Manager, commented, “We considered a number of solutions when it came to upgrading the security systems at the stations, selecting Bold as they are specialists in this area and we have worked with them in the past. "

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