Bold Airtime offers low cost M2M tariffs

Mobile data provides a flexible and easy comms method for security and safety monitoring.  With analogue phone lines now heading toward end of life and IP connections not always available, mobile data is becoming the comms option of choice.  Many mobile airtime deals are available, however it is not always to easy to find ones specifically designed for security and safety monitoring.  Standard mobile tariffs can also work out very expensive for specialised application.

As a result, Bold has developed airtime bundles which are specifically designed for security and safety, and at minimal cost.  For example, lone worker devices require mobile data for tracking signals but very low volume for SMS and voice which is only required in the event of an alarm activation.  The Bold lone worker tariff fits this user profile and, in common with our tariffs for other specialized needs, offers additional benefits such as non-steered roaming SIMs and pooled data.  Other typical applications include alarm signalling and GSM modems.

Bold airtime is not restricted only for use with Bold supplied products – we can offer any tariff to meet your needs, including unlimited fixed cost SMS and high volume data bundles.  As well as reducing costs, Bold airtime rationalises the number of your suppliers and optimises technical support associated with security and safety devices.  We want to make using Bold solutions as simple and low cost as possible with professional technical support rather than anonymous online portals.

Cost-effective and stable communications is the bedrock of remote and dispersed security protection.  Bold Airtime helps deliver the complete solution for your monitoring and communications needs.

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