“Boldsafe devices working perfectly, impressed with sound quality and operation.  Location fixes much more accurate than lone worker solutions we have used in the past.” – Commercial Alarm Receiving Centre.

BoldSafe is a device which can be used anywhere to protect lone workers, the elderly and disabled, children, dementia sufferers, indeed anyone who needs a simple and effective way to call for help.  Activated with a simple button press, the device will send an alert message with GPS co-ordinates and open a voice channel.  As soon as the call is received at the control room, it is auto answered and recording starts in Bold Gemini.

The operator selects the alarm and plays back the audio clip for verification and two way audio.

Locating the user on an integrated, multi-layer map enables assistance to be despatched for a fast and measured response.  Because the device uses mobile phone technology – voice, SMS and mobile data – all that is needed is a low usage, SIM. This can be provided either by the user or Bold can provide a competitively-priced Roaming SIM contract, to ensure the device operates anywhere a signal is available.

Fully supported in the Gemini platform, BoldSafe offers the full range of lone worker features –

►  Two way audio support
►  GPS Location fix
►  Auto answer, recording and logging
►  Silent call option
►  Waterproof to IP66
►  High quality device manufacture
►  User can be located by pinging the device
►  Lone worker and telecare applications
►  Geo-spatial geo-fencing and scheduling
►  Privacy settings
►  Paired asset feature
►  ‘Recent locations’ map trail
►  Access to user’s personal and medical details
►  All alerts and audio logged


Bold Locator App

Bold Locator is an end to end lone worker protection system based on the Gemini monitoring platform and smart phone apps, and devices.  The Locator APP can be used across all sectors to help provide protection and monitoring of persons who may work or travel alone, or feel vulnerable.  Use it anywhere in the world – the Locator App provides comfort and security at the time as preserving personal privacy.

►  Flexible solution for total personal protection and lone worker safety
►  Fully integrated for complete overview with alarms and CCTV monitoring
►  Can be used anywhere in the world
►  ‘Recent locations’ map trail
►  Timed check calls and duress features
►  Access to user’s personal and medical details
►  All alerts and audio logged
►  Full two way audio supported
►  Timed check calls and duress features
►  Subject’s health and medical data can be logged
►  User privacy setting
►  Bluetooth activation device option

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