Technical Support

for Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Control Centres

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24/7 Technical Support
Technical Support for Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Control Centres

Managing a control room presents many challenges.  As technology becomes more complex, a continuously increasing knowledge base is needed.  No matter how robust a system is, there are always external factors creating issues which need to be resolved quickly and effectively.  Bold has over 30 years experience supporting complex, integrated monitoring systems.  Our service is  ISO:9001 accredited, cost-effective and responsive.

These comprise active and reactive elements, including –

►    Office hours help desk and field support
►    24/7/365 hour access to technical telephone support
►    Emergency technical telephone response
►    Preventative maintenance visits
►    Spare parts as required, labour and travelling time
►    Technical investigations
►    Software fixes and up-dates
►    Remote support
►    Catastrophic failure recovery

Under the Bold Support partnership agreement, there are no additional charges for site visits, travelling expenses or out of hours premium.

If you would like to learn how Bold Technical Support can serve you better and save you money, please email our customer support and technical centre: or call us during normal working normal working hours: +44 (0) 1392 364777

If you are seeking to contact Bold Support outside office hours, please use the telephone contact and instructions provided with your maintenance and support contract.

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