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Gemini CCTV Cloud-based Monitoring Software

Remote CCTV monitoring is the most effective way to provide remote site protection.  Alarm can be received and verified within seconds, enabling an accurate assessment of activity at the remote site so that an instant and measured response can be provided.   The Gemini, cloud-based CCTV monitoring platform filters out duplicate and false alarms so that only actionable events are delivered to the operator.

Supporting a wide range of commonly used CCTV products and systems – Avigilon, Hikvision, Xtralis, Dahua and many others – Gemini also provides high level integration at the management level with other devices and systems.  In addition to event driven activations, CCTV guard tours and ad hoc connections to multiple sites and a range of systems can be configured.

Automatic and operator workflow processes support remote site management with control of access, lighting and voice communications.

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Feedback about new Gemini v2.0 CCTV monitoring software has been overwhelmingly positive – including Gough & Kelly, JD Sports plc, Sharp, Professional Witnesses Group, IVP and many others.


There are many different options in Gemini for viewing alarm, event and live CCTV –

•    Upon alarm, the pre-alarm clip, event, quad and live can be viewed in the alarm handling screen
•    A ‘View Camera’ action can be configured as a discretionary or mandatory alarm processing task
•    View Camera actions can be for a single camera in alarm or for a group of site cameras
•    View Camera actions can be associated with signals from conventional alarm panels for video verification
•    Sites, cameras and camera groups can be manually accessed from the customer record look up
•    Cameras can be viewed within scheduled and manual patrol tours with mandatory operator interaction
•    Cameras and camera groups can be selected from interactive site plans
•    Video streams from VMS systems with multiple cameras and sites
•    Event clips and downloaded video can be selected by timeline and exported for playback in any standard Windows Media Player


The full range of CCTV alarm monitoring features are supported, including on screen PTZ control, event and log search, remote relay operation, multiple reference images, camera isolation, CCTV guard tour, video export (MPEG), image resolution control, scheduled site visits, listen in and speak to site.  CCTV may be handled as ‘Video Alarms’ with integrated signalling where supported by the third party equipment or can handled as an alarm processing task generated by any event type.  Innovative design and technology is used to manage false and high volume duplicate alarms.


“We monitor over 15,000 cameras across the UK and some overseas.  Migrating to the Gemini platform has meant that we can efficiently monitor onsite functionality across all our CCTV systems and with expert support when needed.”

Senior Security Projects Manager, UK


What is remote CCTV monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring allows a central control room to receive alarm signals and view video from your site to provide a response in real time to protect it from attack.  The area in alarm will be displayed to the operator who can then view other cameras on site and, in certain cases, issue an audible warning to the intruder that they have been detected and may shortly be apprehended if they remain.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a central monitoring station providing an alarm and CCTV monitoring service to multiple remote sites.  It may offer a commercial service to many different customers, or be ‘inhouse’ control room which only monitors sites within an organisation, for example, a retailer or schools network.

Which software is used for monitoring CCTV?

CCTV systems can either use the software supplied by the CCTV product manufacturer or a ‘platform’ solution like Bold Gemini.  The benefit of the platform software is that it is specifically designed for remote monitoring and can support a wide range of CCTV products compared with the manufacturer’s software which is limited in functionality and can only be used with that manufacturer’s products.

How does CCTV detect a break in or attack on a premises?

A CCTV system may be programmed to detect movement within an area (video motion detection) or using data analytics (IVA – intelligent video analytics) to identify suspicious specific objects and patterns.  Or, the system may just be triggered by a conventional alarm panel which has received an alarm signal.

How are CCTV images transmitted from site to the monitoring control room?

CCTV images and other associated data are sent over an IP connection, using either fixed network wire or mobile data.  There needs to be sufficient bandwidth to support video streaming.

Is CCTV monitoring more effective than alarm monitoring?

CCTV provides a live video image which can be used for verifying what is going on and also identifying suspects.  It can also provide evidence for any subsequent prosecution.  Alarm monitoring costs less to install and monitor, and usually generates fewer false alarms.


“Gemini allows us to offer a much wider range of CCTV monitoring services to our end user and installer customers, in addition to everything else the software does. Having a single integrated CCTV monitoring software platform is a major advantage for us. Viewing the same screen for all alarms regardless of the transmission method and CCTV product type saves training time and confusion when handling alarms”

Peter Heath, ARC Manager, Security Services.

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