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Extend the power of your Gemini system right to the user’s own PC

Organisations and their staff increasingly rely on the web for information and for managing their activities. Gemini Web Access provides a means by which installers and individual subscribers may access relevant account information via a secure web server.

A range of information is available, including:

  • Alarm queue listing
  • Management reports compiler
  • Keyholder lists and pages
  • Customer record pages
  • Open/close schedules
  • ‘On test’ schedules
  • Installer and agency lists

According to the permission levels granted at the monitoring centre, Gemini Web access can extend to just about anything that is available in the control room with the exception of alarm despatch. By empowering their clients to manage their own account details and create their own reports, the monitoring centre makes significant administration cost savings at the same time as adding value to their services.

Web users changes can be either direct or validated by the control room administrator. In cases where the web user is authorised to make changes without validation, direct access can be granted, but only to specific records and for agreed purposes. This could be, for example, to change keyholder details or schedule reports.

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