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Lone Worker Protection

The Bold Locator system is a high level, integrated lone worker monitoring solution.  The system is designed to provide a fast and accurate location fix when an alert is raised and also allows the user to log timed locations when entering potentially high risk situations.Using a lone worker smart phone app or approved device such as BoldSafe, the user’s location, voice and SOS message is communicated to the Gemini alarm monitoring software as a high priority alarm.  The voice call is automatically answered with instant recording and logging.  The operator can listen to both recorded and live video to verify the incident, with full two-way speech where supported by the device.  GPS co-ordinates are transmitted when the app or device is activated, allowing response services to identify and, if necessary, track the user’s location. Contact us now for more details of the Bold Lone Worker Protection solution on 0044 1392 364777

Responses may be automated, for example, by generating a SMS or email message to a co-worker or, where an attack has been verified, the operator can contact the Police for immediate response. The ACPO Unique Reference Number scheme for obtaining Police response and false alarm management is fully supported.  Bold Locator also supports geo-spatial geofences and asset pairing to provide the highest levels of protection.

Our solutions are designed to signal and send audio directly to the monitoring control room rather than to third party web sites, which can be slow and unstable.  An important consideration is ongoing licencing and mobile tariff costs.  Bold systems are configured to minimise false alarms and potentially costly SMS signalling.

•    Tracks and traces people and assets
•    Full integration with the Gemini security management platform
•    GPS co-ordination with latitude and longtitude references presented for onward transmission to emergency services
•    Voice support for verification and two way speech
•    Supports compliance with British Standards BS5979 and BS8484
•    Timed check call and duress features
•    Multiple geo-fencing raises an alarm to the control room as soon as a person or asset moves in or out of location and with timed schedules
•    Zoom facility to multi-layer maps
•    User privacy settings
•    Capability to create people and asset groups
•    Full user details including image, device type, red or amber alert
•    Overview map to locate all individual assets and people, and groups
•    All signals and audio recorded at the control room
•    User’s health and medical data can be logged
•    Multiple devices and smart phone app supported

For more information about Bold Lone Worker monitoring solutions, contact us or call +44(0) 1392 364777

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