Announcement: Introducing RX Gateway 6.402 & Gemini Version 3.22 Updates from GeminiSense


We are pleased to announce significant advancements in our alarm monitoring solutions with the release of RX Gateway version 6.402, an update aimed at optimising your interaction with GeminiSense.

Features of RX Gateway 6.402 include:
  • ISM Concentrator Integration: Our newly integrated ISM Concentrator proxy feature represents the forefront of alarm protocol technology, primarily benefiting our Nordic clientele who utilise the Innovative Security Manager (ISM). It is noteworthy to mention that this integration facilitates comprehensive support for all Nordic/ISM alarm receiving protocols.
  • Enhanced ServiceManager Integration: The refined ServiceManager promises a more streamlined experience, offering users enhanced oversight and efficacy in their alarm monitoring operations.
In addition to these innovations, we are also proud to unveil enhancements to Gemini version 3.22:
  • Strengthened Security Policies: Ensuring the highest level of protection, we have fortified security protocols across both Gemini and RX Gateway platforms.
  • Integration of Dahua CCTV Systems: This addition allows for a seamless amalgamation of Dahua CCTV systems, further augmenting our suite of monitoring capabilities.
  • Improved Data Import Tool: The enhancements in our data import tool will facilitate smoother ARC system migrations and adjustments.
  • Nedap AEOS Iconography: Visual representation has been augmented with supplementary icons for the Nedap AEOS integration.
  • Real-Time Map View (Alarm Queue): This feature has been introduced to enable users to monitor alarms with greater precision.
  • Multi-Window Alarm Queues: This enhancement promises greater efficiency and productivity for our users.
  • Diversified Scheduling Options: Offering users an array of scheduling choices, including provisions for late or early surveillance.

We at GeminiSense remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge and comprehensive alarm monitoring solutions.

Stay abreast of further developments and advancements as GeminiSense continues to pioneer in alarm monitoring sector.

For any queries or required support please reach out to the team.