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Successful alarm monitoring software requires a combination of functionality and stability.

Some systems have been around for many years and work reliably but offer little innovation or competitive advantage for the user.  Others provide an ambitious feature set but inspire little confidence in their stability.  Bold Gemini is the most widely used alarm monitoring software in the UK because it satisfies both needs at a competitive cost.

The phrase ‘future proof’ is over-used in the technology sector.  The only way to ensure that monitoring software meets future, as well as present, needs is continuous redevelopment and reinvention.  Regular new version releases are provided to our users to ensure that they continue to sustain substantial operational advantages.

For details of our new Gemini v2.0 software please contact us

  • Ergonomically designed alarm handling platform
  • Integrated alarms, CCTV, lone worker, audio device monitoring
  • Improved return on monitoring control room investment
  • Intelligent workflow and automated alarm processing
  • Remote site management
  • Complete range of security and safety product interfaces 

If you would like to upgrade to the latest generation monitoring software, or are planning a new monitoring control room facility, Contact us now.  

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