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Central Station Alarm Receivers

Bold supplies and supports multi-protocol central station alarm receivers for every requirement.


►  PSTN “digi” receivers, up to 24 lines
►  ISDN – basic rate and ISDN 30
►  IP alarm receivers
►  GSM alarm receivers
►  Hybrid – PSTN/IP
►  CCTV Video alarm receivers

Supporting all the commonly used industry standard signalling protocols and grades, Bold alarm communications are used throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Many regions are in a state of transition as the local infrastructure moves from traditional analogue lines to IP.  Bold’s cost-effective hybrid signalling and receiving solutions are popular amongst those control rooms who wish to still support analogue phone lines but also need to embrace new technology.   All Bold solutions are supported 24/7 by our experienced UK technicians.

All receiver solutions detailed are supported in Bold Gemini alarm management software.


All alarm signalling options, including alarm panel manufacturers’ proprietary systems, are supported by Bold –

  • CSL DualCom
  • BT Redcare
  • Emizon
  • WebWayOne
  • Bosch D6600
  • Chiron
  • RSI Videofied
  • AES Intellinet
  • Enigma II DR – 8100
  • Ademco 685
  • SurGard MLR2 and System III
  • Texecom Montex
  • Radionics 6600
  • Risco
  • Villbau
  • TELL
  • Visonic
  • MX8000
  • Osborne Hoffman
  • Scantronic Scancom 6100
  • Vanderbilt (Europlex) SPC, FLEX C
  • AES Intellinet
  • Honeywell Galaxy IP
  • FE Inner Range
  • Satel SMET256
  • STT Condigi
  • Terrier SC


Bold supports all industry standard protocols, as well as many proprietary formats.  We work with the leading manufacturers and service providers in the alarm receiving sector to ensure that our users have access to the complete range of communications options.  We also have inhouse specialists who have worked for many years in this area, designing, integrating and delivering industry leading alarm handling solutions.  Please contact us if you have a custom requirement.

For more information or to speak to one of our specialists, Contact Us now or call +44(0) 1392 364777

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