The safety of staff and the protection of assets in the public sector has never been more critical. 

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Despite continuing budget pressure, the expectation to keep people and property safe remains a high priority.  This creates challenges but also the opportunity to innovate and generate internal revenues.  Bold has developed monitoring solutions to meet the specific needs of local government, universities, hospitals, police, fire and rescue, and defence.  To maximise cost-effectiveness, Bold’s alarm monitoring software and systems are often managed within an integrated control room servicing the 24/7 requirements of the organisation.

We work closely with our public sector partners to develop the capability to deliver a swift and proportionate response to real time alarm events.  We train operators how to manage remote sites utilising alarm processing, visual verification, online maps and workflow, backed up with helpdesk and field 24/7 support.  Bold uses this partnership approach and integrated thinking to develop a powerful solution for –

•    Intruder, Fire and CCTV monitoring of schools, hospitals, offices and libraries
•    Fixed and mobile lone worker protection systems
•    Public safety and emergency management
•    Comprehensive reporting of security activity and key performance indicators
•    Police and Defence security monitoring
•    University and Hospital estates security

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Control room manager at Runnymede Borough Council, Bob Collins, commented:

“The Council control room monitors fire, intruder and panic alarms for all our properties. These include depots, public halls, sports centres, parks, museums and multi-occupational blocks. We are also developing our monitoring services to county council properties as well as schools, colleges and universities. This is all part of our programme of working in partnership. Runnymede has a well established working relationship with Bold Communications; their equipment and software is outstanding and their support excellent”.

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