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Gemini is a new generation alarm monitoring software providing an integrated and innovative platform for the control room and security operations centre.  Simple to use but powerful in its operation, Gemini automates the whole process, managing security, fire and CCTV and lone worker alarms, and guiding the operator through a workflow of response tasks.  Bold Gemini is used by the leading UK monitoring control rooms, including the largest independent Scottish ARC, Connellys Security and retail giant JD Group.


New security technology is constantly being introduced.  It is important that your software platform is continually developed to handle new monitoring innovations.  Equally essential is the capability to handle existing legacy security technology.  Using advanced signal monitoring, Gemini seamlessly combines old and new, supporting both continuity and innovation.

Flexible pricing model – using a scaleable and modular structure, you only need buy those components you require.  As your monitoring operation grows, you can extend and build your system, controlling costs and maximising revenues.  Expert technical support is essential for integrated monitoring systems.  Developing and maintaining interfaces for the full range of third party security products requires the specialised skills provided by the Bold development team.

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The Gemini user interface is designed around the Microsoft ‘Metro’ user interface.  The tabs and ribbon configuration provides a comfortable and familiar environment for the operator, with a new version for 2018.  With just a few clicks, the operator can access all the information and resources needed to deliver effective alarm handling.  Gemini is totally configurable so the operator only need access those parts of the required to do their job.

All language translations are supported in Gemini.



Bold works with all the major security product manufacturers so you can manage all your alarm panels, communications modes, CCTV, access control, asset protection and lone worker systems in one unified solution.  A single database for all your customer records and the Gemini common user interface means less resources, hardware and power needed in the control room and less training for your operators – an essential resource for critical protection infrastructure.  Alarm filtering and processing minimises false and duplicate signals and provides the complete overview for alarm handling and response.Click here for a complete listing of Gemini Modules and Receiver Interfaces


A range of deployment options are available for Gemini users.  The software can be run on dedicated servers with mirrored data for simple fall back, in the client’s own virtualized environment or Cloud-based on the Microsoft Azure platform.  We help new Gemini users to decide what is the best option for them based on cost and their operational requirements.


“We had a very bad weather forecast for the weekend so we sent all homeowners with an alarm sytem an SMS message through Gemini to take special care to close windows, etc, if they intended to be away from home.  This was 9,000 messages and prevented a huge number of false alarms and keyholder call outs.”

Technical Director, Commercial Alarm Receiving Centre


What are remotely monitored alarm systems?

Remotely monitoring an alarm panel means a realtime response can be provided by a CMS or ARC in the event of an intruder or fire activation, even if there is no-one on site.  Alarm systems which are not monitored can only sound an alarm bell – which often will be ignored – or simply record the alarm activation.

What is a CMS or ARC?

A Central Monitoring Station (CMS) or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is a secure 24 hour control room which can receive and process alarm signals from remote sites. For example, in response to an intruder activation, the operator may contact police or a keyholding service to visit the premises to investigate.  A CMS/ARC may be either a business offering a commercial monitoring service or an inhouse operation which only monitors their own sites, for example, a local council monitoring control room.

How does a remotely monitored alarm system communicate with the CMS/ARC?

Signalling over traditional phone lines was the most widely adopted method for many years.  However, this is probably the least secure method of signalling and, in most countries, the analogue phone system is being retired.  Increasingly, signals are communicated by IP/3G/4G and GSM or a combination of signalling paths for more resilience.

What is alarm monitoring software?

Technically, a system to receive alarm signals (alarm receiver) and software to process the signal and present it, with a task workflow, to the operator.  The most important decision is which monitoring software to use, with questions including – how many sites will be monitored and what number of operator workstations are needed.  The software needs to be sufficiently scalable to accommodate future expansion, simple to operate and with good technical support.  Bold Gemini is the most widely used alarm monitoring software in the UK, used by both commercial and inhouse monitoring control rooms and supported by our 24/7 specialist field engineers.  For more details about setting up a CMS/ARC, read the Bold Alarm Monitoring Guide.

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