Bold Gemini in the Azure Cloud

Bold has added to its range of deployment options for the Gemini monitoring platform with remote hosting on Microsoft Azure.  More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies, and an increasing number of public sector organisations, benefit from the low cost of entry and resilience provided by Azure.

Users are finding many reasons for making the move from dedicated servers to remote hosting. Foremost among them are the cost savings that can be achieved compared to the conventional dedicated hardware approach.  In many cases the substantial cost of servers can be a disincentive when considering whether to establish new monitoring operations or expand existing ones.  And, unlike software as a service, remote hosting allows users to own their licenced copy of the program rather than renting a shared service.

Further considerations include speed of deployment, reduced downtime and the need to periodically update hardware and operating systems. Upgrades can be applied with minimal downtime and without the need for updating hardware or running backup systems.   Servers occupy valuable space in the equipment room, generating heat, noise and requiring 24/7 technical support.  Hosting goes a long way to help organisations meet their commitment to being environmentally friendly – reducing energy consumption not just for hardware but for standby power, heating, lighting and air-conditioning.  With the monitoring system outside of, and unaffected by other local applications, IT related support incidents can be minimised

The growing monitoring control room is often faced with the question – how do we offer additional services without having to spend yet more on server hardware and tech support, and doing the same again for the disaster recovery site?  Matching processing resources to system performance can sometimes be rather hit and miss with onsite hardware.  Using a hosted solution provides better scalability, allowing the user to keep investment more closely aligned to revenue.  It also allows the small to medium sized monitoring operation the opportunity to offer the same level of services as the big players.

Cloud-based Bold Gemini, hosted on Microsoft Azure, is the same industry leading version of the Gemin platform as that deployed on dedicated and virtualized servers, and with the same leading 24/7 support.

For more information about Bold Gemini on Azure, please contact us