RSI Video Technologies has established an outstanding track record for intruder detection and Videofied is now widely deployed for alarm verification. Following development by Bold Communications, it can now be handled in any control room using the Bold Gemini software platform.

Bold has refined verification technology beyond simply joining different products together. By filtering and prioritising alarm data and video, applying intelligence to this information and presenting it in a logical, easy to understand and manage format, the operator is provided with the right tools to make an effective response.

The Gemini interface for RSI Videofied has been developed to support integrated alarm handling and logging in a way which retains all the product’s functionality. Videofied can now be handled at the same Gemini control room workstation as any other CCTV, intruder, fire or lone worker monitoring application.

Bold Communications MD, Brian Kelly, commented, “Videofied has been successful because it is a customer led product and RSI Video Technologies have excelled at meeting the needs of the monitoring sector. This is also the way we think about our development at Bold and the continuing demand for Bold Gemini software is evidence that it is the right approach.”

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