The IP User Group is one of the most respected and influential independent vender neutral forums in the security industry.  Providing education and knowledge for IP Networked based security solutions, the Group is a primary source of expertise for users seeking to maximise the benefits of new technology. As an organisation which has been foremost in the development and support of new CCTV and alarm monitoring platforms, Bold Communications is pleased to announce that it has now become a corporate member of the Group. 

The IP User Group provides a valuable channel for members to communicate details of their own products and services as well as delivering broader messages relevant to the membership.  Bold’s position in the monitoring sector fits well with this purpose.  For example, Bold Geminisoftware is widely used in the CCTV and alarm monitoring sector, providing an effective platform for many different security products.  With a mixture of commercial alarm receiving centres and private inhouse control room users, Gemini is constantly being developed in response to the rapidly evolving needs of the monitoring sector.

The BoldNet IP alarm signalling solution has also gained broad acceptance, with significant cost savings and increased security for users. BoldNet IP has no recurring charges and is compatible with all industry standard alarm panels making it both cost-effective and flexible.

Bold’s Managing Director, Brian Kelly, said “Having operated for over 30 years in the monitoring technology sector, we believe we can make a positive contribution to the IP User Group.  Our investment in and deployment of leading IP technology for our customers is joined to our long experience of legacy monitoring products, and we hope to make that breadth of knowledge available for the benefit of the Group.”

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