Milestone Marketplace, which hosts 100’s of integration solutions across a wide range of applications, has been joined by Bold Communications, developer of the Gemini monitoring platform.  Although Bold was already an integration partner, and has completed a number of projects in the retail sector with Gemini software and XProtect, Marketplace provides greater visibility of this high level integration. 

The Bold Gemini software platform is used in many alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and private monitoring control rooms, supporting all commonly used alarm signalling panels and communications modes.  Development between Bold and Milestone has created options for alarm and CCTV handling, by integrating features from each application.  This new integration enables XProtect to operate as an alarm handling application as well as supporting alarms and video into Gemini from Milestone alongside fire, intruder and other alarm panel based activations.

Video Verification

Video verification of alarms including event and pre-alarm clips can be used to minimise false activation as well as provide essential evidence and intelligence for the monitoring control room.  XProtect images can also be triggered as an alarm handling task in the Bold software, for example, to generate a video wall display or other third party device to aid alarm handling.

The Marketplace verification process ensures the integration is technically sound as well complying operationally with its description.   Bold Gemini and Milestone XProtect open platform flexibility transforms a video monitoring system to a fully integrated alarm receiving solution.

The Marketplace Technology Partnership

Bold Communications, Brian Kelly, commented – “We worked closely with our Milestone and Gemini users, refining the solution to create a unique platform for video verification as well as enabling XProtect to be the user interface for alarm handling in more video-centric applications.  Not surprisingly, this has generated significant interest from users of both applications and joining the Milestone Marketplace provides further exposure for this technology innovation.”

Soraya Heristchian, Milestone Partner Alliance Manager added – “Interoperability is key for the monitoring business. Together with our community partner, Bold Communications, we can provide a best of breed, future proof, comprehensive solution for the industry. Our Milestone Marketplace not only focuses on technical enhancements and innovation, it also offers our business partners the opportunity to explore our community partners and network with vendors with compatible solutions.”

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