Growing demand for a reliable and cost effective rapid deployment monitoring has led to support for the GPRS-based RDAS, from Compound Security, being added to Bold Gemini.

The RDAS, VX and HX range of external security systems have been developed for a range of applications and require no specialised installation knowledge. Up to 64 wireless devices – PIRs, flood and smoke detectors and contacts – can be used with an RDAS system. With a battery life of up to 3 years, wireless connection and full central station integration with Gemini, the RDAS, VX and HX range are becoming increasingly popular for locations without communications or power. This makes them ideal for Police, Housing Associations, construction industry, void property and church roof security and indeed anyone needing small area coverage.

Gemini alarm monitoring software enables the central station to monitor alarms, CCTV, Access Control, lone worker and asset tracking all in one easy to use platform. Ease of use and customer driven design has led to Gemini becoming the most popular integrated solution for all types of alarm receiving centres.

For more details about Gemini and the RDAS security solution, contact Bold Communications.