What is the Personal Information Promise?The ICO urges heads of organisations and government departments to sign up to the Personal Information Promise to demonstrate their organisation’s senior level commitment to data protection. The aims of the initiative are to improve compliance with the Act and strengthen public trust and confidence in those who are entrusted with their personal information.The promise lists a number of key commitments that senior figures will make on behalf of their organisations to protect personal information.

What is the aim of the Promise?

The Promise is intended to help strengthen public trust and confidence in the way organisations handle their personal information. It is a clear statement from the very top of an organisation that it values the personal information entrusted to it and will put the appropriate resources in place to look after it. It also sends a clear signal to the workers in the organisation about the importance of looking after people’s personal information and that this is something taken very seriously at senior level.

Why has Bold made this commitment?

Trust and confidence is of the utmost importance to Bold, especially given that we operate in a sensitive areas of the security sector.  All our team are aware how essential it is to observe the highest levels of confidentiality and this is reflected in our commitment to sign up to the ICO’s Personal Information Promise.

For more details, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office Website