IP & GSM Voice over SCAIP

Telecare Operator

Following the announcement that the PSTN phone network is to end in 2025, a range of hybrid signalling and voice solutions have been launched in the UK market, in addition to those which are fully SCAIP compliant.  The issue with this hybrid approach, which can include using an auxiliary voice port on the user’s broadband router, is the continuing reliance placed on the analogue phone network which, of course, is soon set to disappear. 

Adoption of SCAIP in full is therefore seen by many in the sector as the best way to avoid this blind alley.  For this reason, the Bold telecare monitoring platform now fully supports SCAIP voice over IP and GSM as well as supporting legacy, soon to be obsolete, analogue telecare user equipment.  While the demise of the old telecom networks and the rise of All IP is massively disruptive, it also offers significant opportunities.  Monitoring providers who are seeking to extend the range of their services, can now add GPS tracking solutions, fire, intruder, connection polling and panic alarms and video in addition to traditional telecare protection.  All these services can be managed at a single integrated workstation and focused around the needs of the user.

Perhaps the time has come to break out of the constraints imposed by relying on telephone lines and hybrid communications methods, and offer modern, secure, reliable and comprehensive services to telecare users.

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