Professional Witnesses Group (PWG) is a unique security provider, employing former police and military personnel to deliver specialist physical and technical solutions for a diverse range of clients across the UK.  Amongst other activities, PWG operate a NSI accredited alarm receiving centre, monitoring alarms, CCTV and lone worker protection from their highly secure, custom built premises in Manchester.  Accelerating monitoring business meant that PWG needed a review of their platform to enable them to scale up their operations.

The solution needed to be as innovative as PWG’s security services.  Essential requirements included a well-structured workflow for the operators, flexibility and rock solid stability.  Gemini software, from Bold Communications, was seen to offer a solution which best supported the growth of the monitoring business, delivered the required functionality and offered a strong technology road path.

Monitoring Support

Bold Gemini supports monitoring of all industry standard alarm protocols and signalling networks, including the increasingly popular IP formats like SIA-DC09.  CCTV products and systems commonly adopted in the monitoring sector are supported along with analytics from leading manufacturers and high level integration between different product types.

Hosted Option

The central reporting function allows comprehensive customer and system reporting providing the level of detail required to manage a complex operation.  Scalable and modular system design means that the monitoring control room does not need to buy features it does not need, only adding interfaces and modules as required.

While the selection and deployment of a new monitoring platform is always a serious matter, Bold has simplified the process by launching a hosted option partnering with Microsoft Azure.  Server hardware is expensive and has a limited life span.  Hardware and operating system constraints can be a real obstacle to extending functionality particularly when all items have to be replicated for redundancy.  Hosting not only reduces entry cost but is also the ‘green’ approach – saving space, power and disaster recovery requirements.  At a time when organisations are seeking to rationalise costs and minimise their footprint, hosting offers the smarter alternative and is a significant breakthrough for the monitoring sector.


PWG Operations Director, Andy Cotterill commented, “Bold delivered on its promise to provide a solution which fits our requirements.  It is clear that much thought and effort has been invested in Gemini.  It is a massive step forward compared to systems previously in use in our control room and we are constantly delighted at how responsive and highly skilled the Bold technical team is.”

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