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Hikvision updateWith a share of the global CCTV market of just under 20%, Hikvision continues to be the leading world manufacturer of video surveillance solutions.  This phenomenal growth, for a company which only started business in 2004, has been driven by significant investment in R&D, and establishing an increasing range of sales channels in both mature and developing markets.As a Hikvision Technical Partner, Bold has worked on many CCTV monitoring projects where the Hikvision product range is deployed.  Bold Gemini software is used to handle Hikvision in control rooms where a platform solution, supporting a range of security products from different manufacturers, is required.  Gemini CCTV monitoring software enables the user to integrate events from diverse systems, such as alarm panels, access control and location based services, in a single software solution.  The advantages of this approach are significant – saving space, power, support, training, time and cost as well as providing value added integrated capability, for example, video verification of alarms, as well as a single reporting engine and with greater resource utilisation.Gemini Users

Bold alarm monitoring systems are popular in many different types of control rooms, including retailers, universities, banks, hospitals, police and military, in addition to commercial alarm and video receiving centres.

As well as CCTV system monitoring, all industry standard alarm panels can be received and handled in Bold Gemini as well as a wide range of lone worker and access control systems.  The interoperability between different installed security technologies at the event management level generates a far more useful and effective response.

Bold provides a complete design and development service and, as integration specialists, has significant experience of delivering complex security monitoring solutions, combining event signalling from diverse systems, with situational data and video content analysis, to minimise false alarms and generate an effective workflow response. At the control room workstation, the operator is guided through a series of realtime customisable tasks, creating a comprehensive event log.

Control Room Challenges

The challenge facing the user is to find a multi-language platform which works effectively across all relevant product groups, including retained legacy products as well as new technology, reducing total ownership costs and making it all useable for the system operator.  Gemini meets that challenge and delivers the level of security control needed for dispersed CCTV and alarm monitoring.

Bold Communications MD, Brian Kelly, comments, “Our software development and interface modules are driven by the demands of our users in a continuously evolving monitoring sector.  Along with other important integration partners, Hikvision is an increasingly popular option.”

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For more CCTV product details, please visit  Hikvision

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